“I have suffered with Vulvodynia since my early twenties. It took me years to actually get a diagnosis after many failed visits to see GPs, gynaecologists and urologists. I knew very little about the condition and was repeatedly told there was no cure. I had a burning/stabbing/broken glass type pain in my vagina and urethra. My bladder was heavy and extremely irritated by most foods and drink. Read Charlotte’s story here…

Tim, I’d like to give you a little update on my life. I’ve met someone wonderful and  we are very happy together. Not least because for the first time ever I am having completely pain free sex. I honestly never thought I’d be able to have completely pain free sex and so to be enjoying myself like I should be has made such a difference. I cannot thank you and Maria enough for the work that you both did with me;  I honestly thought I’d spend the rest of my life using anaesthetic creams and lying back and thinking of England. Thank you!

EleanorBiOPelvic Course Delegate

‘Life changing. Without Tim I wouldn’t have the build I’ve got now or the core strength I’ve got now. I would have had a lot of problems in my day to day life as a footballer.’

Toby WellsStoke City professional footballer

‘The nine months we have been coming here have been brilliant. I can see the difference. Neighbours say ‘I saw your husband running by!’

Mrs R. Wife of a Parkinson’s sufferer

‘It covers all angles, not just one specific thing. Not just interested in fixing one certain ailment but fixing the whole package, the whole structure.’

Jonathan Broom-EdwardsGB International athlete

What is very important in pregnancy is to have a strong core. I don’t think I was lucky in not having any lower back pain in pregnancy at all; I think it’s because we worked on the core prior to me getting pregnant.

Katya AudsleyPersonal trainer and mother

‘I booked an appointment at CiONE and can quite honestly say I have never looked back. I remember my first appointment meeting Tim and the first thing he did was just listen to me. I went right back to my childhood and discussed everything and anything that could have contributed to my condition. No stone was left unturned.’

Charlotte HowlingsChronic Pelvic ‘Vulvodynia’ sufferer