CiONE working with DMU


‘Footwear Design at De Montfort University is rated the top course of its kind in the country for student satisfaction’

We work with DMU in three mains areas. Tim King lectures the Biomechanics module within DMU’s Footwear Design course. See more here – He also lectures on the Bespoke Biomechanics Footwear Masters which is the first course of its kind.

Tim also embarked on a PhD study to identify and how to calibrate and measure the human skeletons perfect Postural Stability Point (PSP) within real-time movement. CiONE has been achieving this PSP on a daily basis with its patients over the past 1999 in its clinics, but has had no means – until now – to calculate the position of this virtual point in space, even though the CiONE clinicians know that presently the PSP of a patient normally sits fractionally posteriorly, to the body’s central line of gravity during dynamic movement.  CiONE has the methodology and the technology to achieve the PSP and to eradicate postural pain on a daily basis within the CiONE Postural Rejuvenation clinics; however the PhD will now allow CiONE to create an engineered equation of calculation in each individual’s postural case.

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CiONE working with INESCOP

INESCOP is The Spanish Technological Institute for Footwear and Related Industries. Based in Alicante, INESCOP’s objective is to develop footwear science and technology. CiONE’s relationship with INESCOP dates back to 2003 and involves a joint research and development venture whereby INESCOP have the use of CiONE’s Soletec ™ CADCAM technology and they produce our medical grade polypropylene custom plates. In return we enter into shared research with INESCOP and De Montfort University with the goal of increasing the knowledge base of biomechanics within the footwear industry in the UK and in Europe.

Visit the INESCOP website here.

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