‘CIONE Postural Rejuvenation by Tim King’ (CiONE) within the Harley Street Centre, (one of London’s leading MRI/PEP and CT scanning centres) is one of the cornerstones of the Harley Street ‘Pelvic Health Group’.

The original area of specialisation for CiONE was in the field of elite performance/international sport. However, the CiONE methodology within the Harley Street practice has focused on the areas of Pre and Post Natal patients, Gynaecology, Neurology, Parkinson’s, MS, CP, Paediatrics, Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis.

To this end, the CiONE clinic is now seen as one of the leading centres of Bio-mechanical intervention within complex Pelvic Pain, working daily with Consultant Neurologists, Genealogists and Physiotherapists who specialise in this area of pain management.

Case Study – Chronic Pelvic ‘Vulvodynia’ sufferer – Click here…

Eradicate pelvic pain with the CiONE Postural Pyramid


The CiONE methodology on postural and pelvic rejuvenation is ‘ground-breaking’ and now encompasses life-changing techniques using the CiONE Postural Pyramid triangulation of ‘Fit Feet, Fit Body & Fit Mind’ ideology. This equation connects the ‘three cornerstones’ of the Wellness Pyramid and enables deeper pelvic floor routines to recalibrate posture, eradicating postural pain by strengthening and stabilising the deeper core, no matter the age or condition of the patient.

Indeed, these pioneering diagnostic techniques and skeletal rejuvenation programmes are all aimed at equating the ‘Perfect Stability Point’, which allows the body and the pelvis to sit stably during Dynamic Gait.

Supporting patients to health

CiONE ‘results’ in patient outcomes have acted as a springboard towards the launch of the Pelvic Health Group. Indeed the combination of the unique BiOCORE programmes, Custom Stability Plates and the proprioceptive rebalancing and recalibration techniques, have helped and supported thousands of patients over the years across all areas of health and wellness.

The Pelvic Health Group

Launched in the spring of 2016, the Pelvic Health Group has been set up by a group of leading Harley Street Consultants who provide an integrated approach to pelvic health and related conditions for both men and women.


female-pelvic-pain-xray male-pelvis

Established specifically to work with patients who present a highly complex and overlapping range of conditions and symptoms, The Pelvic Health Group can help patients achieve greater medical and therapeutic outcomes.

The group brings together key areas of medical and therapeutic expertise including:

  • Physical and Manual therapy
  • Biomechanics and Postural Rejuvenation techniques
  • Cognitive & biofeedback therapies
  • Counselling and pain education
  • Trauma resolution and Mindfulness based therapy
  • Nutritional and biochemical support
  • Traditional ‘Eastern’ therapies such as Chinese Acupuncture and Japanese Amatsu

The Pelvic Health Group offers a team-based approach for Consultant referrals and for an individual patient’s needs, who may come to the group directly for support.

Consultants who have already referred to the Group, state that the integrated multi-disciplinary approach has increased their patient’s medical progress, chance of recovery and optimism for the future.

Partners of the Pelvic Health Group

The Pelvic Health Group is presently working with:


Dr Stephen Humble MBChB, MSc, PhD, FCARCISI


Maria Elliot MCSP, POGP, APPI (Specialist Post Natal Chartered Physiotherapist)

Fiona Nicolson MNCH (Acc) HPD PNLP Cognitive Hypnotherapist

Mr Karl Monahan – Pelvic Therapist

Mr Bevis Nathan DO MA SEP

Mr Stefan Chmelik  MRCHM MBAcC MSc DipCHM LicOHM DipAc DipCHM (Dermatology) ClinAc  (Nanjing)

Joseph Badham MSc BSc (Hons) MCSP

What is Pelvic Pain?
Chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain in men and women, is pain anywhere in and around the pelvis that has lasted for longer than three months with nil active infection found.

It can be very varied in the severity and presentation between each case. Symptoms can include any mix of the following:-

  • pain on passing urine
  • pain around the back and rectum in the joints and muscles
  • abdominal pain
  • burning sensation within the genital areas
  • increased frequency to urinate
  • pain/discomfort post orgasm

Specialist treatment to relieve pain
Symptoms are often increased with sitting, pressure on the perineum, tight clothes and can be aggravated by stress. Often physiotherapy is required as part of treatment to facilitate trigger point release, restore ‘normal’ biomechanics and decrease muscle tension in the pelvic area.

Other parts of treatment can include relaxation therapy, psychological input, diet and lifestyle changes and pharmacological modalities. With a multi-faceted approach to treatment, prognosis for the condition is good.

The Pelvic Health Group’s success rate in eradicating and reducing Pelvic Pain is second to none. The patients simply need to listen to the advice and take on the responsibility of their individual postural health and lifestyle.

Learn techniques for self-help

The Pelvic Health Group team – will look to encourage all patients to educate themselves:

These are good starting points to understand the anatomy and complexity of the pelvic region and to benefit from the advice given

  • Tim Parkes Teach us to sit still
  • Read about HRC (Heart Rate Coherence) or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to reduce stress levels
  • Work at lengthening the muscles that are inserted into the pelvic area –  especially

piriformis and obturator internsus

The Pelvic Health Group’s goal is to rehabilitate and lengthen the short contracted muscles of the pelvic floor/hip joint and to calm the over arousal of the nervous system.

The team of consultants is committed to hand-holding all their patients through the process. www.thrivehealth.co.uk/pain