Testimonial: Charlotte Howlings

What brought me to CiONE

I have suffered with Vulvodynia since my early twenties. It took me years to actually get a diagnosis after many failed visits to see GPs, gynaecologists and urologists. I knew very little about the condition and was repeatedly told there was no cure. I had a burning/stabbing/broken glass type pain in my vagina and urethra. My bladder was heavy and extremely irritated by most foods and drink.

I then developed terrible muscular pain in my back and in my thighs. It was a constant pain and this greatly impacted my quality of life.

Completing the simplest of daily tasks was becoming impossible due to the intensity of my pain. It hurt to walk, sit down and to drive. I even struggled to know what to eat and drink because everything irritated my bladder apart from water.

My condition just seemed to get worse and worse and it not only affected me physically, but also mentally.  I became very reserved. I cut myself off from friends and family and drank alcohol heavily to try to block out some of the pain.

I rarely went out of the house unless I had to. Some days the pain was so severe I couldn’t even wear underwear. I hated the way I looked, felt and was thoroughly miserable and I didn’t see a way out of the situation.

No one seemed to understand Vulvodynia and I suffered in silence for a long time.

How did I first come across CiONE

I first heard about CiONE through Maria Elliot. I saw Maria’s name on many Vulvodynia forums online. She had great reviews and I arranged to meet her at the Harley Street Clinic. After assessing me Maria recommended I went to CiONE as she suspected my pains were muscular/skeletal related and Tim King was a specialist in this area.

I booked an appointment at CiONE and can quite honestly say I have never looked back since. I remember my first appointment meeting Tim and the first thing he did was just listen to me. I went right back to my childhood and discussed everything and anything that could have contributed to my condition. No stone was left unturned.

That really meant a lot to me because no one had actually listened to me properly before and understood my pains. I very quickly felt at ease and was able to relax enough to discuss some quite frank, difficult and embarrassing issues. I left my appointment feeling very positive and excited at the prospect of getting better.  Someone had finally given me a light at the end of the tunnel!

How did I find the ‘BiOCORE’ Programme

It was explained that I would need to wear customised plates in my shoes every day to realign my pelvis. The way my pelvis was positioned was affecting my overall posture and was the main reason for my pain. Once the pelvis was starting to realign we could then start to release some of the muscles that were contributing to my pain and tension.

To be honest the plates didn’t really bother me. I was really excited about starting the programme and decided I would commit 100% to do everything I needed to do. The plates took me about 2 weeks to get used to and I very quickly noticed a difference in my posture and the way I walked. They were comfortable and moulded exactly to my foot shape.

No more high heels but that was a very small price to pay!

Part of the BiOCORE programme was to complete daily exercises at home. These were basic and I only needed to do this for a few minutes a day or as much as my body could cope with. I found this hard in the beginning because the pain would sometimes feel worse after stretching in my legs and I had to include this in as part of my daily routine.

I tried really hard (sometimes too hard) to complete as many exercises/stretches as possible. It took a long while for my body to adapt to this because my muscles were so tight and painful. But it got easier as time went on and I’m now continually adding new stretches and techniques to my daily routine.

How did I get on with the CiONE Myofacial/Amatsu Release?

The Myofacial/Amatsu release is incredible.

Very painful…but the results are amazing.

The first release I had was by far the worst because we were releasing some really nasty muscle spasms’ in my legs. Though extreme I took comfort in the knowledge that it will never be that bad again. It’s never going to be a nice experience but after the muscles have been released I immediately feel great. The muscle pain completely disappears with the exception of some tenderness and bruising afterwards.

The process of the Myofacial/Amatsu release was explained to me in depth in the first few sessions so I was mentally prepared. I think that was important and helped me deal with the physical pain element.

This procedure has contributed towards my recovery massively.

Did the ‘release’ take the pain away?

The Myofacial/Amatsu release definitely took the pain away but its then up to the body to maintain this release. It’s very common for the muscles to tighten again after a period of time and so the procedure has to be repeated when this occurs. I have had this several times now and each time I have a release the period of time it takes for the muscles to tighten again is longer and longer.

Summary of my experience at CiONE…

CiONE has changed my life dramatically this year.

  • I can now eat and drink whatever I want without irritating my bladder
  • I don’t take any pain relief medication
  • I can walk/climb stairs comfortably
  • I can exercise again – such as swimming/jogging. This was a massive achievement for me as it helped me feel stronger and improved my overall wellbeing
  • I can drive and sit for much longer periods of time
  • I have rebuilt relationships and become much more sociable
  • My work life is no longer suffering and I even managed to start my own business this year
  • I have a much more positive outlook on life now and feel like I have my identity back

There have been lots of ups and downs throughout my recovery process – A lot of hard work, dedication and tears – but my overall experience of CiONE has been brilliant.

The methodology behind this programme is truly amazing. I consider myself extremely lucky to have found such a professional and dedicated practitioner as Tim King who fully understands and knows how to treat chronic pelvic pain.

The Harley Street Clinic has always treated me with great respect and dignity. Supported me both mentally and physically. As a percentage so far (12 months) I would say CiONE has eliminated 70% of my day to day pain and I will continue my journey with CiONE until full recovery.

I would strongly recommend CiONE to any person experiencing pelvic pain or any other kind of skeletal, muscular related pain.