‘Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler’

Albert Einstein

Did you know?

  • 98% of children are born with a good foot structure but by the time we are adults, 60% of us have postural or foot problems. These are not always evident or painful.
  • A child’s foot contains 45 separate bone centres/nuclei – which gradually grow and fuse together until fully ossified around the age of 18
  • A fully formed adult foot has 26 bones, 19 muscles, over 100 ligaments and thousands of nerve endings. (over a quarter of all the body’s bones are in your two feet)
  • 90% of people wear ill-fitting shoes, causing 65% of all foot problems (American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons) due mainly to the physical environment that the human skeleton is born into, the gravitational pull during growth, and poorly manufactured footwear worn in our urban jungles.
  • It is estimated that at least 25% of adults suffer some form of foot problem with heel pain being the most common form of foot pain. Plantar fasciitis accounts for over 15% of all foot related problems.

The skeleton is a dynamic, multi-planeal system of structured human engineering, complex in its structure yet balanced upon two tri-planeal feet. Each foot has a natural shock absorption system of 26 bones, 37 joints, 19 muscles and over 107 ligaments. Almost to demonstrate the importance of the feet, the Achilles tendon is the largest and the strongest tendon in the whole body and there are at least six sets of muscles that control each toe.

One of the key problems with adults is that poor stability and shock absorption of the skeletal structure, during walking, can ultimately cause wear and tear throughout the body. Indeed the vertical energy transferred through the ankle joint at the ‘heel strike’ of the foot can be many times greater than the body weight. Hence, if the foot and ankle joint are dysfunctional within an unstable environment (ie footwear) the damage can ricochet back up the body as a negative ground reaction force into the upper back, lower back, knees and hips, causing joint inflammation and overall muscle trauma.

Since 1992 through our Consultant Biomechanist Tim King, CiONE Postural Rejuvenation has been researching the human skeleton’s perfect Postural Stability Point (PSP). The PSP is a point of reference created from the base of the three cornerstones of perfect posture; stable feet, stable BiOCORE, stable proprioception. At the same time, while moving dynamically, the PSP becomes the ‘moment’ of efficient, smooth, graceful and light gait, with no postural pain.

Tim embarked on a PhD study to identify how to calibrate and measure this PSP within real-time movement. CiONE has been achieving this PSP on a daily basis with its patients over the past 1999 in its clinics. The PSP of a patient normally sits fractionally posteriorly to the body’s central line of gravity during dynamic movement.

CiONE has the methodology and the technology to achieve the PSP and to eradicate postural pain on a daily basis within the CiONE Postural Rejuvenation clinics; however the PhD will now allow CiONE to create an engineered equation of calculation in each individual’s postural case.

In the meantime every CiONE patient that visit our clinics, experiences the CiONE Postural Rejuvenation Biomechanical Assessment described in the next section.

The feet – CiONE Custom Stability Plates

CiONE’s Soletec™ CAD/CAM software system was developed to engineer the perfect Custom Stability Plate (Custom Insole) and is the key to unlocking the Pelvic girdle.  This Custom Stability Plate is tailor made for the feet and is worn and fitted to every shoe, thus ensuring that the feet and the knees track in a straight line at all times.  The straight tracking of the feet and knee ensures that a positive ground reaction force is sent back up the lower limb. Every step commences the unlocking of the dysfunction caused by the anterior tilt of the pelvis and encourages, through the femur heads, the pelvic girdle to shift back.

The pelvis then unlocks itself from the long term restriction allowing the next phase of the CiONE Wellness Pyramid to take effect.

The pelvis – CiONE BiOCORE Programmes

A North Western University, Chicago study sponsored in 2004 by ATA (a company supplying physical therapy across the Midwest States) confirmed evidence suggesting that a high percentage of children have an anterior pelvic tilt before they finish growing. This ‘common dysfunction’ creates a constrained dynamic posture/gait causing problems later in life and affects the lower limb and feet significantly.

CiONE has created fifteen BiOCORE exercises (a patient only requires 3 exercises to achieve their PSP), to ensure that each individual’s BiOCORE can be developed no matter how weak or traumatised by past surgical intervention. The CiONE Custom Stability Plates progressively create the desired derotation of the lower. The patient’s proprioception adapts to the correction and control whilst the CiONE BiOCORE programme is followed once per day (each exercise takes five minutes).

The daily repetition of these exercises ensures that the patient’s excessive anterior pelvic-tilt, returns back to the realms of normality in under 12 weeks.

Did you know?

  • According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS,) 31,000,000 days of work are lost in the UK each year due to back, neck and muscle problems. Lower back pain affects an estimated one third of the UK adult population
  • Over a lifetime, our pelvis, lower limbs and feet carry us over 100,000 mile; equivalent to nearly 4 times around the world
  • For every mile walked, our body shifts roughly 100 tonnes (the weight of a blue whale) just to move our body weight forward and this travels through our central line of gravity as we move dynamically, effecting our pelvis and back.
  • Forget about excessive dieting or excessive exercise. To avoid back or pelvic pain just walk 10,000 steps a day. Health professionals, including the British Heart Foundation, recommend walking 10,000 steps per day, roughly 5 miles, to become fit and healthy which help lose weight which in turn reduces back and pelvic issues. Most unfit adults already walk around 5,000 steps a day.
  • Approximately 95% of cases of acute low back pain are nonspecific and serious conditions are rare. Causes of acute low back pain, meaning predominantly back pain is normally due to postural dysfunction.

The CiONE BiOCORE Programmes are a deeper pelvic floor programme than the popular Pilates and Yoga principles on offer at local fitness studios; this is due to the BiOCORE’s process of isolation; restricting certain dominant muscle groups from function during the dynamic exercise regime.

BiOCORE stability is now being utilized in Pre and Post Natal pelvic floor issues, Parkinson’s management, acute male and female Chronic Prostatitis, Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome, Sexual Dysfunction, Urinary Dysfunction and sport related pelvic floor irritations.

The programme developed by Tim King realigns the pelvis and prevents the common degeneration of Plantar-flexed postural issues suffered by the human body on a daily basis. It has positively affected numerous other debilitating conditions in a dynamic manner during the body’s journey back to its individual Postural Stability Point and efficient Gait.

The mind – CiONE proprioception retraining and recalibration Programmes

Proprioception is the brain’s natural radar system allowing us to know at all times where the physical body is during rest, stance and dynamic gait.  Our natural proprioception is a security blanket during gait. It recalibrates itself to ensure that the brain feels stable and able to move dynamically no matter what the physical disability or ailment being suffered by the body.

If the physical body migrates downwards the skeletal structure becomes more excessively plantar-flexed. The brain recalibrates the proprioception to ensure that the body feels secure enough to move by ‘conning’ itself that the skeleton is straight and stable. The outcome of this recalibration is that the physical skeletal structure changes its gait pattern. To accommodate the shifting forward of the body’s central line of gravity the brain makes the body take smaller and smaller steps, increasing the negative weight load through the body’s joints. This ‘conning’ of the brain generates intense wear and tear of all the body’s joints, bringing on early knee and hip replacements, overworked muscle groups and acute postural pain.

Once postural rejuvenation and the PSP has been achieved, the process of realignment and proprioception recalibration has been known to alleviate symptoms such as chronic cluster headaches and nagging toothache.

The proprioception recalibration has also positively affected debilitative conditions such as Parkinson’s, Osteoarthritis and Fibromyalgia.

Did you know?

  • Parkinsons sufferers who are active for just 6 hours a week, less than 1 hour a day, were 43% less likely to develop the Parkinson’s condition.
  • Once a Parkinson’s patient has perfected the BiOCORE program they experience the sensation that their condition is improving mentally and this in turn has a dramatic placebo effect on the mindset of the patient.
  • Fibromyalgia does not affect the joints and so does not increase the risk of osteoarthritis, however it is persistent and causes ongoing unrelenting pain.
  • Even today some medics still believe Fibromyalgia does not exist and is a mindset of hypochondria.
  • A percentage of the Fibromyalgia pain can be put down to postural pain and 8 out of 10 patients with Fibromyalgia who have gone through the CiONE postural rejuvenation Programmes have a dramatic reduction of day to day pain.

Through its realignment of the skeletal structure, repositioning and decreasing the anterior tilt of the pelvis, The CiONE Postural Rejuvenation programmes allow the proprioception to recalibrate to within the realms of normality. This process of ‘rebalancing the brain’s awareness of the skeletal structures position in space while moving dynamically is the third and final part of the re-education of the posture.

Once this Human Engineering realignment process has been achieved the body and brain find your PSP and the physical body relaxes, acute pains disperses and the physical body’s wellness returns, allowing the structure to become more active and more dynamic in its movement.

The past on going recurring pain can be eradicated for the long term as the cause is corrected and skeletal balance returns to the physical body, putting the body back into its natural and correct physical skeletal state. Thus the Postural Stability Point for efficient dynamic movement has been found.