Changing clients’ lives

Toby Wells Stoke City professional footballer

‘Life changing. Without Tim I wouldn’t have the build I’ve got now or the core strength I’ve got now. I would have had a lot of problems in my day to day life as a footballer.’

Mrs R. wife of a Parkinson’s sufferer

‘The nine months we have been coming here have been brilliant. I can see the difference. Neighbours say ‘I saw your husband running by!’

Margaret Eyres

‘Many thanks again for helping me greatly improve my posture, inner core and shape. I am so glad I dared ask on that train journey if there was anything that could be done for bunions!  You will be pleased to know I was back doing my exercises last night when I got back from Merseyside.’

Mary Carswell

‘I came to see you in 2012 and have been very pleased with how it all worked out  – the shoe inserts and all the postural training really helped in a number of ways and one particularly noticeable change has been that I don’t get lower back pain when standing for long periods – having had a number of problems with my SI joints over the years. As an example I’ve been helping my daughter with trade shows which means standing for the best part of 8 hours on three consecutive days and I know that would have caused real problems previously but I have had no problems at all. So when my son, Joe, was telling me yesterday that he had had back spasms and had been asked if there was any family history of SI problems I started to wonder if he might also benefit. It seems he has some foot pain as well.’

Katya Audsley Personal trainer and mother

‘What is very important in pregnancy is to have a strong core. I don’t think I was lucky in not having any lower back pain in pregnancy at all; I think it’s because we worked on the core prior to me getting pregnant.’

Jonathan Broom-Edwards GB International athlete

‘It covers all angles, not just one specific thing. Not just interested in fixing one certain ailment but fixing the whole package, the whole structure.’

Reena Sindha

‘Just wanted to say a very big thank you to Jonathan and Tim for treating my initial foot injury to then advise me further and help me through exercise to support my whole body and ways to prevent the same injury happening again. They have been open and honest and I treated them like family. Thank you both for a life changing experience.‘

Sarah Manning

‘After numerous visits to physiotherapists, osteopaths, sports masseurs and others I was recommended to try CiONE; and for the first time in 5 years I can properly walk down the stairs first thing in the morning. Jonathan Broom-Edwards has worked tirelessly to sort me out – I just wish I had heard of CiONE years ago. Many thanks – worth every penny.’

Atosha Shapland

‘I wanted to improve my posture as I felt this could be the underlying cause of my neck and shoulder aches and increasingly frequent, painful bouts of sciatica. I had Alexander technique sessions but this didn’t seem to make much difference. I came across Cione and booked an assessment.

I was very impressed with Tim’s knowledge, expertise and understanding and his explanations and this gave me the confidence to buy my tailor-made orthotics. This seemed like a big expense at the time but it has been worth every penny. The regular follow-up sessions (included in the price of the orthotics) with Tim and Jonathan showed me how to improve my posture, monitored my progress and taught me the core exercises which have all made a significant difference. I now walk and stand differently and love the feeling of walking more freely – a good walk is now an essential part of my day. Early on I had a few twinges of sciatica but a session with Tim soon sorted that out. I have now been free of sciatica for at least a year.

Tim and Jonathan have a relaxed yet purposeful style and are both hugely supportive – I have really enjoyed my sessions with them and I am so grateful for the difference they have made for me.

I’m delighted with my progress – and I’m still doing the daily core exercises! Much as I would like to see you two lovely guys, I just don’t need any input or support at the moment!’