A typical CiONE patient might be a young child or an adult needing to resolve a chronic postural problem or a regular ache that you accept as normal. Or perhaps you are an active sports participant or elite athlete who requires prehab, rehab, or performance enhancement.

The body is a complex structure. We have been using groundbreaking, scientifically evidenced human engineering assessment and treatment techniques to understand and treat you since 1992.

Uniquely in our field, we assess the whole body, importantly including your brain’s proprioception, to reveal the history and root causes of human Biomechanical issues. Only then can we resolve them.

We know that foot and lower limb pain, back pain, and upper body postural pain can be resolved using the CiONE methods. That is why we are here.

‘Make you better’ is what we do. No one else does human engineering the way we do it.

Why we do it?

There is a requirement for a new approach in our field; treating the whole body is the correct approach.

This goes beyond the conventional approach of limiting treatment to one part of the body that a specialist might ‘specialise’ in.

We are committed to improving quality of life for our patients of all ages and for our athletes of all types.

‘Making you better’ for us means reducing pain and increasing our patients’ and athletes’ quality of Biomechanical performance.

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