Will I have to wear my custom stability plates all of the time?

We would advise and encourage you to wear your custom stability plates as often as you can as consistency is important to stabilise both the muscle memory and proprioception. We will adjust your stability plates (if required) to fit into all of your shoes from sports shoes to fashion shoes. The stability plates will add structure and support to your shoes which the majority of footwear is now built without in order to reduce costs for the highly competitive footwear market.

Will I have to wear my plates for the rest of my life?

We encourage you to continue to wear your custom stability plates after you have completed your treatment programme as it is essential to continue to support the foot and lower limb. If you stop wearing the plates you are likely to start collapsing again, at which point, any postural pain will begin to affect you again. Similarly, it is essential to continue with your BiOCORE exercises upon completing your treatment programme.

Will they fit in all of my shoes?

Your custom stability plates will work biomechanically within footwar with a heel of up to 2.5 inches. You may find that the plates are too wide to fit into some of your narrower lasted shoes. This is because, men and women often squeeze their feet into a smaller sized shoe than they require for aesthetic purposes. If you do find this, we will adjust your plates to ensure that they do fit into your shoes.

At what stage of the program will I have the BiOfascial release?

The BiOfascial release is usually done at session number 3 or 4. Using our methodology we like to stabilise the pelvis by using our custom stability plates to control the gait. By ensuring you have improved your BiOCORE strength suffficiently, the release is more effective in terms of both longevity and intensity. Once we are confident you are stable, we will schedule your Bio-fascial release.

How do the Stability Plates differ to orthotic insoles?

Our stability plates are very different to orthotic insoles. They are completely custom to you and measured specifically to each foot whilst non weight bearing. We aim to correct the position of the foot, not just accommodate the deformed foot. The stability plates are made out of medical grade polypropylene and are milled out of a solid block. Therefore, there is very little to no heat involved in the manufacturing process ensuring the stability plates hold and stabilise the foot in the correct position and will not collapse upon weight loading.

Are the BiOCORE exercises difficult?

We have a total of 15 BiOCORE exercises, you only need Our bio-core exercises are a series of intense 5 minute exercises. Our BiOCORE program is very adaptable to individual patients, which is manageable no matter what level of core strength you have. We have a series of 15 exercises that we use to stabilise and strengthen your BiOCORE. Typically, you will need to be doing 3 to 5 of the BiOCORE exercises on a daily basis in order to correct and secure your pelvic position.

How often do I have to do the BiOCORE exercises?

Every day! The BiOCORE exercises are essential to your recovery as well as to your continued wellbeing after you have completed your treatment programme. Throughout your programme we expect you to be doing the exercises atleast once a day, however, we strongly recommend doing the exercises twice a day.

What differentiates biomechanists from other professionals?

We are human engineers. We look at the body and how it functions as one musculo-skeletal structure. We aim to correct the mechanics of you by eradicating any dynamic restrictions thus correcting any skeletal dysfunction. We recognise that everything is connected and we aim to treat the cause and not the symptom. Many other professionals draw more focus on a specific area of concern rather than the whole picture.