Are You Suffering From Headaches?

Does it impact your quality of life?

Does it stop you having an active and sporting life?


A large percentage of the ‘pain’ symptoms known as ‘headaches’, build up due to skeletal dysfunctions.  The negative weight loads created while moving or resting through the poor posture and mechanics of dynamic movement, brings on muscle tightness and fatigue, inflammation and nerve impingements, which in turn effect the sensitive structures within the neck and head, bringing on 'cluster' headaches and Migraine symptoms.

Try The CiONE Postural Programs

The CiONE Postural Rejuvenation programs radically change and stabilised the skeletal structure while standing and moving dynamically – thus minimising the stress and impingements on the facets of the spine – which in turn then eradicates the postural headaches…

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