Ex- International athlete and training partner of Olympic Champion Steve Ovett, Tim worked with Olympic coach Wilf Paish. He founded his first Biomechanics business in 1992, has developed CiONE’s unique treatment protocol and continues to do so through work in education and in practice.

Director, Consultant BiOmechanist

Tim King

Cione Health and Fitness Consultant, specialises in our BiOCORE Performance Programme and Pilates. As a past Great Britain 800m and 1500m athlete Sharon also manages our personal training function working with groups and individuals.

Director, BiOpilates Instructor, Personal Trainer

Sharon King

Became a CiONE patient whilst studying Sports Technology at Loughborough University, upon Graduation entered the CiONE Postural Analyst Training Programme and undertook a Masters in Bespoke Footwear Biomechanics.

BiOmechanist, Sports Massage Therapist, Postural Analyst

Alex Smith

Became a CiONE patient whilst studying History at Leeds Beckett University. Wanted to fully understand the reasons for personal injuries and how biomechanics can be used to optimise performance. This led to a change in career from an operational management role to pursue a career as a Biomechanist and soft tissue therapist.

Sports Massage Therapist,

Postural Analyst

Dan Carter

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