A typical CiONE patient might be a young child or an adult needing to resolve a chronic postural problem or a regular ache that you accept as normal. Or perhaps you are an active sports participant or elite athlete who requires prehab, rehab, or performance enhancement.

The body is a complex structure. We have been using groundbreaking, scientifically evidenced human engineering assessment and treatment techniques to understand and treat you since 1992.


The three cornerstones of the CiONE methodology are best illustrated by our Wellness Pyramid.

The feet, the body and the proprioception in the brain are the focus for the body’s correct posture.

These are the essential ingredients for eradicating postural pain and creating postural rejuvenation at any age.

The CiONE Wellness Pyramid is a metaphor for an individual attaining the Perfect Postural Point which then enables them to perform at their best.

The human engineering approach to skeletal and physical postural rejuvenation starts at the foundations of our Wellness Pyramid:

  • Fit Feet – the stabilising of the feet and knees through Custom Stability Plates. Supporting…..

  • Fit Body – the stabilising of the pelvis and pelvic girdle, through our BiOCORE Programmes. Creating a …

  • Fit Mind – the rebalancing of the brain’s proprioception through a methodology of new habits and recalibration.


This establishes the Perfect Postural Stability Point during stance, walking and increased physical exertion.

From these foundations – harmonised to ensure perfect weight distribution – an individual’s Perfect Postural Stability Point is created and the human skeleton begins to move, effortlessly without pain and with no negative forces, such as weight load, diminishing the body’s efficiency.

For young and old, for postural rejuvenation and correction, for athlete performance and enhancement – No one does Human Engineering and Postural Rejuvenation like we do!!!

‘Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler’

Albert Einstein


Child Development

A child’s foot contains 45 separate bone centres/nuclei – which gradually grow and fuse together until fully ossified around the age of 18.

98% of children are born with a good foot structure but by the time we are adults, 60% of us have postural or foot problems. These are not always evident or painful.