Good question. The word CiONE [pronounced see-own], means ‘Love’ in many languages; not the love of story books and fairy tales but the word represents a more holistic custodial ‘love’ and replenishment of ourselves and our bodies.

The brand was developed in 1992 as a name to represent how human beings should value, enhance and nurture their bodies.


As an International athlete, Tim King personally challenged himself to understand the reasons why his athletic career was cut short through recurring injuries.

After many years of research and study in the UK, USA, Spain, Scandinavia, Germany, Norway and The Netherlands, Tim started lecturing about his unique Programme of Biomechanics application and Human Engineering at Universities around the world. He lectured at De Montfort, Loughborough, Salford and Stafford Universities in the UK, as well as North Western University in the USA.

As a company, CiONE Postural Rejuvenation was created to market CiONE’s ground-breaking CADCAM software and provide clinical facilities for our methodology. The ability to make unique custom stability plates and custom footwear through the CADCAM technology led CiONE to work closely with the Spanish Technological Institute for Footwear and Related Industries (INESCOP), and combine CADCAM software with their shoe designing software.

The world now had its first completely accurate software package, fully automated for everything for the feet and stability while the body is moving dynamically.

No-one else does human engineering the way that we do!